Spring Valley Range

(Inside the CCW Class Area)

(CCW Class Area)

Spring Valley Public Shooting Range, in Greene County off of hwy 42.   It is the location for the 2 hours of live firing time, needed to complete the Ohio CCW class. The state public shooting range has a bullet containment system and a lead immobilization system. Spring Valley Range is a Class “A” range.  The Range Permits are valid at all Class “A” shooting ranges in Ohio.  The hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; however, shooting stops at 4:40; closed on Monday and Tuesday.

The Range

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All shooters (18 and older) must present a range permit to the range attendant.  Be safe, observe all posted range rules, and be courteous to your fellow shooters and the range staff.  When a cease-fire is called, all firearms are to be unloaded and placed on the firing line shelf, action opened, and shooters must remain behind the yellow line until “clear” is announced.  Be aware of muzzle direction at all times.  A complete copy of rules may be picked-up at the front desk in the office.  

Spring Valley Target Range safety rules

Spring Valley Range


3450 Houston Road

Waynesville, Greene County, Ohio 45068