Firearm training, safety, responsibility, and instructions on how to shoot a handgun are taught in the NRA Basic Pistol (CCW) course.  You will receive a NRA certificate of completion the day of the class; allowing you to apply with your local sheriff, for your Ohio Concealed Carry Permit the following day.  

How to Register  for the CCW training class

A $25 deposit or pay-in-full, via PayPal or credit card, is required to hold your seat.

The remaining amount is due, in cash, the day of class, no checks.  

NOTE: During the month of March, deposit only, the remainder is due the day of class.

Email me at:

Call me at:  (937) 241-2760

Your name, phone number, and the date you are attending.

A confirmation email will follow.

All sales are final; however, you may reschedule once, if a 48-hour notice is given. 

Dates for the CCW class


August 19, Sunday, 8:00-4:00 

Sunday, 8:00-4:00

Sunday, 8:00-4:00

Seating is limited, classes are small, so be sure to make your reservations now!   
Payment covers the entire course, books, ear and eye protection, (if needed) free loaner gun/ammo, certificate, the State of Ohio License to Carry a Concealed Handgun Application, the Ohio Attorney General’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreements, Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law booklet, a comfortable classroom, and a clean restroom.

What will I need for the gun safety course

  • Handgun. 
  • Ear and eye protection.
  • 50 rounds of ammunition.
  • Do not bring any ammunition into the classroom.
  • A one-day range pass for Spring Valley Shooting Range (ODNR).
  • A valid picture I.D.
  • Something to drink, lunch, or snack.
  • Dress for the weather, as the firing range is outdoors; however, covered over top.

You will need to purchase an Ohio Department of Natural Resources state range permit. This permit will allow you to participate in the live-fire instruction and it is a requirement for the Ohio CCW Permit.  The single-day permit cost $5.00 or $24.00 for an annual permit. The permit can be obtained from stores that sell hunting and fishing licenses, or online at the ODNR website.

You will learn in the gun safety course that there is more to shooting than just pulling the trigger, such as:

Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, always keep the gun unloaded until ready to shoot.

  • The components of a pistol and cartridge.
  • Ammunition knowledge.
  • Learn how the dominant eye can be determined.
  • The fundamentals of shooting, (firearms training).
  • Which fundamentals are the most important, (sight alignment and trigger squeeze).
  • How to field strip and clean a gun.
  • Range safety rules.

About the CCW training classes:

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